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Oct. 17, 2023

Academy seeks statements on proposed bylaws amendment

Due Dec. 1, 2023

The American Academy of Dermatology is seeking statements regarding the proposed bylaws amendment that will be presented to the membership for a vote on the spring 2024 election ballot. Pursuant to the bylaws and administrative regulations for amendments, the ballot will be accompanied by up to three statements from eligible voting members who express support of and up to three statements in opposition to the proposed bylaws amendment. Members who wish to submit such a statement to the Secretary-Treasurer for consideration may do so via email at

Statements may not exceed the length of two typewritten, double-spaced pages. A statement may be submitted by one or more members, but no more than three members can be designated as principal authors and identified with the statement. The deadline for receipt of statements is Dec 1.

Proposed Amendment to the Bylaws of the

American Academy of Dermatology (AAD)

(Additions shown as bold and underlined.
Deletions shown as stricken.)

Recommendation by the AAD Board of Directors: Approve

Board of Directors
Section 3: Nomination and Election



The Nominating Committee shall consist of six (6) members and a Chair who shall be voting members, and one (1) former president6 who shall be a non-voting member of the Committee. All members shall be Fellows of the Academy (or Life or Honorary Members who have been Fellows) in good standing. Two (2) members of the Nominating Committee shall be elected by the Board of Directors; two (2) shall be elected by the Advisory Board; and two (2) shall be elected by the membership by electronic and/or other written ballot; provided that any member who is a past President shall only be eligible for election to the Nominating Committee by the membership and not by the Board of Directors or Advisory Board. Each member of the Nominating Committee except the Chair shall serve a term of two (2) consecutive election cycles, provided, however, that the terms of these members shall be staggered so that in each year the Board of Directors and the Advisory Board shall each elect one (1) member for a term of two (2) election cycles, and the membership shall elect one (1) member for a term of two (2) election cycles from two (2) candidates presented by the Nominating Committee. At the conclusion of each election cycle, the Nominating Committee shall elect one (1) member who has completed two (2) election cycles on the Committee to serve as Chair of the Committee for the next election cycle. All eligible members will be limited to one term of service on the Nominating Committee (i.e., two election cycles), except those members who are elected to serve as Chair of the Committee may serve for a third election cycle. Candidates for membership on the Nominating Committee shall be selected with due regard for geographic representation. No incumbent member of the Board of Directors may serve on the Nominating Committee. No person may serve consecutive terms on the Nominating Committee. Members of the Nominating Committee shall not be eligible for election to office or to the Board of Directors in the election following any election for which they have served on the Nominating Committee. The former president shall serve an automatic one-year appointment on the Nominating Committee upon completion of his/her appointment on the Ad Hoc Task Force on Election Oversight. No other former president shall, through election or appointment, serve on the Nominating Committee.

6 Any former president who is serving or nominated to serve on the Nominating Committee prior to the effective date of this amendment shall be eligible to serve on the Nominating Committee in addition to the one former president allowed under this amendment.